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My experience with industrial properties includes small condo-titled warehouse buildings, agriculture related properties, industrial malls, self-storage, and large warehouse or manufacturing complexes.  I provide a range of appraisal services for industrial properties, from narrative reports to detailed market rent and analysis reporting.  Valuation and consulting assignments for industrial properties vary widely given that some are used as investment properties whereas many are used by the owners themselves. Special consideration is required when the assignment involves a special use property or a property where environmental concerns are evident.

Considerations when analyzing an industrial property;

  • Current and future use (multi-tenant, single tenant, specialty, etc.)

  • Excess or surplus land

  • Environmental concerns

  • Redevelopment potential

  • Land use designation issues

  • Income stream analysis

  • Economic trends in relation to specific industries

Want to know more about my Industrial Valuation services? Contact me. 

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