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My experience with development properties includes small redevelopment sites in established core areas (St. Catharines and Hamilton downtown), in-fill residential sites, new medium or high density condo developments, large scale residential or mixed-use subdivisions, and industrial/commercial/hospitality development sites. I provide a range of appraisal services for these properties, from short narrative reports, cost studies, highest and best use studies, to more detailed market feasibility studies.  Valuation and consulting assignments for development properties vary widely given the wide range of scale and use of these properties. 

Considerations when analyzing a development property;

  • Land use designation analysis and potential for amendments or public sponsored redevelopment areas

  • Timeline for development (short, medium, or long-term horizon)

  • Development state of property (raw, draft plan approved, site plan approved)

  • Locational/neighbourhood analysis and micro-trends within specific areas

  • Brownfield versus Greenfield developments

Want to know more about my Development Valuation services? Contact me. 

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